What to Wear

  • Open House Round:


    Open House Round of recruitment is more casual. This day consists of open houses in a relaxed environment. The sorority women will be wearing shorts and t-shirts, so feel free to wear casual, cool attire, and comfortable walking shoes! This is where Potential New Members visit all twelve organizations.   Look for financial and scholarship information as well.


    This round is on Wednesday. Make sure to brings snacks, keep hydrated and bring a jacket.  It gets chilly.  HINT:  Always remember that recruitment is a week of interviews.  Be on your best behavior and respect all chapters.



    Open House Round


    House Tours Round:


    Potential New Members will visit UP TO eight of the twelve chapters visited in the previous two days. This round is also casual and relaxed, but a little dressier than the previous round. Shorts, skirts, and sundresses are all appropriate attire. Sandals and comfortable shoes are suggested.


    During this round, you will learn about the chapters' philanthropies and other activities that they participate in on and off campus. House tours will also be given so potential women will get to learn a little bit about sorority living. 


    This round is on Thursday evening. Make sure to brings snacks and keep hydrated, and you should bring a jacket, as it gets chilly.


    House Tours


    Philanthropy Round:


    This day Potential New Members will visit UP TO five of the chapters they had visited the previous day. This round is a bit more dressy yet still casual: sundresses, skirts, or shorts are recommended. Chapters will be performing a skit / and or / slide show that shows their personalities, values, and ideals.


    This round is on Friday afternoon. Make sure to brings snacks and keep hydrated.


    Philanthropy Round


    Preference Round:


    Preference is a serious, more formal event. Your clothing should reflect the atmosphere, so you should wear a cocktail dress or semiformal dress. Make sure it is not back or not white as the chapters will be wearing those colors.  You can wear dressy flats or heels, but be sure to bring more comfortable shoes to walk in as you go from chapter to chapter.


    This is a very intimate and serious morning that really reflects the sisterhood and bond between the chapter members. Potential New Members will visit UPTO two chapters, and the events will be longer than the previous days.


    This round is on Sunday morning.  Make sure to eat an early breakfast before you walk to Hilgard.  9:00 AM to possibly 2:40 PM without food will make anyone cranky and anxious.  We want you to be at your best! 


    Preference Round


    Bid Night:


    Bid Night at UCLA is on Sunday night.  You will want to wear shorts or casual bottoms, and a tank top.  The chapter you receive a bid from will provide you with a bid day shirt.


    NOTE:  The images provided here are just examples.  The Panhellenic Council is not endorsing any specific clothing brand.