Rho Gammas

  • The first person you will get to know during Recruitment Week is your Recruitment Counselor or Rho Gamma. A Rho Gamma is a sorority woman selected by Panhellenic Council. Each Recruitment Counselor was chosen for her ability to relate to people, her positive attitude, her knowledge of the Panhellenic community and her ability to help potential members experience Recruitment Week in the most positive way possible.


    Your Rho Gamma will be not only your guide to Recruitment Week, but also your friend. She will be able to personally answer many of your questions about Recruitment as she has been extensively trained by Panhellenic and University officials. If she doesn't have an answer to a question, she'll certainly know where to find it.




    2015 Rho Gammas


    Your Rho Gamma will have no contact with any sorority during Recruitment Week and can be relied upon to keep all Potential Member questions and problems confidential. She will also remain neutral to all sororities, including her own chapter. Your Rho Gamma's primary purpose is to help you experience Recruitment in the most positive way possible and help solve any problems you may have.


    It is very important that you attend any meetings your Rho Gamma may have as she will have important information for you. She will also be a shoulder to lean on when decisions get tough and will always be ready to lend an empathic ear, as she went through Recruitment too!