• What is a Recommendation Letter?
    A recommendation letter is a personal letter of reference provided by an alumna of a sorority to her sorority’s chapter at UCLA. In the recommendation, she will write about your talents and skills that will contribute to that particular sorority. The purpose of a “rec letter” is to give a sorority chapter the chance to learn more about you before Recruitment.
    How do I get a Recommendation Letter?
    Keeping in mind that Recommendation Letters are NOT required at UCLA, you can start the process by letting friends, relatives, and teachers know that you are going through Recruitment at UCLA. If you find an alumna friend, she has two options: She can write a personal letter of recommendation, or she can obtain a form specific to her sorority from her sorority's national headquarters.  Remember these are completely optional and are not a requirement to go through the Recruitment process.
    Where should Recommendation Letters be sent or E-mailed to?
    The alumna recommending you should either send or e-mail the “rec letter” as soon as possible before Recruitment, to the particular sorority at UCLA she is reccomending you to.


    • The local contact information for each sorority at UCLA can be found by clicking here.  
    • It is suggested to e-mail recommendations to the recruitment chair of each chapter. 
    • If mailing, send to Los Angeles, CA  90024.