Presents and Bruin Family Weekend

  • For every member of a UCLA Panhellenic sorority, Presents is one of the most memorable weekends of the year. After all the hard work and long days of Fall recruitment, sorority women are eager to welcome their newest members into what will be their home for the remainder of their time at UCLA. Generally, Presents weekend is held the same weekend as Bruin Family Weekend (usually the end of October or beginning of November) with many groups choosing to do a Dad’s Day event during this time. Presents is a time honored tradition within UCLA Panhellenic and is a special way to honor new members and bring groups together.



    Your daughter’s chapter will host a Dad’s Day event during this weekend and will generally be on Saturday which will include a tailgate and football game. However, these details are specific to each chapter. Transportation is usually provided. Families are welcome to attend this event as well’s a Mom’s Day is traditionally held in May.   


    Presents takes place on the Sunday of Bruin Family Weekend. First, every member of each sorority will go to the quad between Royce Hall and Powell Library to take pictures. Members who have been initiated will wear black dresses to symbolize their active status in their organization and new members will wear white dresses so they stand out and are the honorees of the day.



     After photos are taken, the Presents ceremony takes place at individual chapter houses. Parents, family and friends are encouraged to attend this special event and watch each new member begin her lifelong commitment to her organization. Each chapter is so proud to present their most recent Pledge Class. Immediately following the ceremony there will be brunch/lunch at the house where parents, friends and sorority women can get to know each other. This is often a great time for parents and friends to get a house tour and to learn more about the organization.


    On the night of presents or later in the week, each chapter will have a formal Date Party in celebration of their new member class. This is a fun event that is a great way to kick off the Fall Quarter.



    In order to help make their daughter’s Presents ceremony special, many parents choose to order flowers and have them delivered to the house the day of the ceremony. Some chapters ask that a specific flower be sent so be sure to ask your daughter or a leader in the chapter what is appropriate.  Flowers can be ordered though the UCLA Student Store or at other local florists.




    We suggest participation of Bruin Family Weekend in this format:


    1. Friday:  Participate in UCLA Activities.
    2. Saturday:  Tailgate and attend the game with your daughter and her sorority.
    3. Sunday:  Presents photos will be in the morning, Followed by brunch and ceremonies.  These activities will take place at the house.
    4. NOTE:  If you are flying to LA this weekend, it is suggested that you leave after 5:00 PM on Sunday.  That will give you plenty of time to enjoy with your daughter and then get to the airport.



    Sorority Presents is an important tradition at UCLA and is very special for all those who participate. Being presented as a new member is an important step in affiliating with the sorority. This ceremony is only the beginning and conveys to new members and parents both the magnitude and joy of a lifelong commitment to a Panhellenic sorority.


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