Junior Panhellenic

  • UCLA's Junior Panhellenic Council is comprised of two representatives from each chapter in the Panhellenic Council. Each respective chapter has its own unique process of selecting the two members, typically through an application process issued by its executive board. Advised by the Executive Vice President and the VP Education of the Panhellenic Executive Board, JPC provides these emerging leaders with the opportunity to get involved in the Panhellenic community early on in their sorority experience through meetings and projects that provide valuable leadership experience. Membership in JPC can serve as a stepping-stone to becoming an executive officer of the Panhellenic Executive Board or to earning a position on the leadership team of the delegates’ own chapters. Being a part of Junior Panhellenic also provides young members with the opportunity to meet and create genuine friendships with sorority women in other chapters as they work to increase Panhellenic unity among the entire sorority community. JPC is a one-year commitment that runs each calendar year.


    In 2016 thus far, we have had weekly meetings focusing on education, scholarship, wellness, unity, and service. The delegates have shadowed Panhellenic Executive Board members, helped with the annual Clothesline Project philanthropy supporting sexual assault awareness, and planned their first-ever event for all New Members of the 2015-2016 year. Called “Panhel Pampers,” the delegates planned and executed a fun night of relaxation and bonding for every New Member, and they plan on planning one large event every quarter.


    These meetings and projects give an opportunity for the JPC Delegates to develop their leadership skills and voice their opinions about Panhellenic events. This new perspective gives the Panhellenic Executive Board great insight on how we can better the Panhellenic community. I am looking forward to continuing our efforts in the fall and highly encourage the fall new member classes to apply for the 2017 year!



    Panhellenic's Executive Vice President, 2016

  • JPC History


    The Junior Panhellenic Council was formed at UCLA for the first time during the 2004 school year. At the beginning of the 2005 year, there was little direction to the organization, and it was questionable whether or not it would be able to develop and flourish in the future.

    During the Winter of 2005, Junior Panhellenic had a retreat where they strove to come of with some structure and goals for the future. From there, the women were able to drive the organization to a whole new level. Positions and chairmanships were created and filled, and tasks were given to each of them. The women met weekly, and decided on the purpose of the organization being to encourage positive interfraternal growth between new members of each chapter.

    The Junior Panhellenic Council sponsored their first event at the end of the Winter 2005 quarter. They decided to bring together the women of Panhellenic for a dinner event, in which there was one woman from each chapter at each dinner. Although it was a small event, it was well participated and well liked, and another is being planned for the future on a larger scale. Through this event, they were able to bring together women from different chapters and let them see that they could all become friends, no matter which chapter they were from.

    The UCLA Junior Panhellenic also decided to add a philanthropic element to the organization. They successfully held a school supply drive, in which school supplies were donated from each chapter and brought to an organization which brings them to inner-city children who don't have the money to buy them. They also held a Penny War at the Panhellenic sponsored Beat 'SC Car Smash which raised over $200 for the Rape Treatment Center of Santa Monica.

    In the summer of 2005, the President and Vice President of the Junior Panhellenic Council took it upon themselves to create a charter for the organization. They did so using charters that existed from the UCLA Panhellenic, and other Junior Panhellenic Councils throughout the country. The charter was presented to the council, amended, and ratified in fall of 2005. The Junior Panhellenic Council hopes to continue bringing together younger members of the UCLA Panhellenic system, in order to help to break apart inter-chapter stereotypes and bring together all of the members of the organization.