Housing and Fees



    Do sororities provide housing?

    All of the NPC general sororities operate chapter houses adjacent to UCLA on Hilgard Avenue which provide the opportunity for small group living.  Since the membership recruitment process occurs during the fall quarter, new students should secure their own housing for the fall quarter.  Typically, 1st years live on-campus in residence halls or apartments, and many then move into sorority houses during their 2nd and 3rd years (residence hall contracts are on an annual basis).

    Must I live in the chapter house if I wish to join a Panhellenic sorority?
    Almost half of the members of residential Greek organizations live in the chapter houses in any given quarter, although most members do live in the chapter house for part of their tenure at UCLA.

    • IT IS THE EXPECTATION that anyone joining a Panhellenic sorority at UCLA reside in the chapter house for a minimum of one year.  However, each chapter has specific requirements.  Make sure to ask.

    What if I am a transfer student?
    Transfer students should expect to live in the chapter house during their senior year at UCLA.  If you have not solidified your living arrangements with the Office of Residential Life, and still need a place to live, see below for more information on available housing for women.  The Sorority Boarding Houses rent quarterly.  Due to the amount of women studying abroad, there is a possibility that spaces may become available in the chapter houses during either the winter or spring quarters.  It is not possible to live in the house without being a member.





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    How Much Does It All Cost?

    If you have any questions concerning the cost of belonging to a sorority, please feel free to ask the members during recruitment.  Here is an estimated average of sorority costs:


    ~ Pledge fee:  $75.00  (paid to the sorority)

    ~ Initiation fee:  $135.00  (paid to the sorority)

    ~ National dues:  $134.57 yearly  (paid to the sorority)

    ~ Quarterly dues:  $300.30  (paid to the sorority)

    ~ Possible additional costs per quarter:  $130.00  (paid to the sorority)


    AVERAGE cost of first quarter:  $1,100

    AVERAGE out of house member per quarter:  $900

    Total cost of living in per quarter (includes room, board, and dues):  $2995


    Please remember that a sorority’s actual cost will vary from the above numbers and are within 15% of these estimates. Also, please be aware that each of our sororities offers payment plan options.


    What do I do if I need to spread out my payments?

    This is a concern for many sorority women and most chapters are prepared for it! Most sororities on the UCLA campus will work with you to create a financial plan that meets your individual needs, whether you need to pay by month or in installments. Many organizations offer scholarships and awards for academic excellence and strong leadership in the chapter, while also taking into consideration financial need. If you do the research there are thousands of scholarships that are available!!


    Why are some sororites more expensive than others?

    Chapter dues vary widely because of differences in meal plans, the size of the chapter structure itself, as well as whether or not social functions and programming fees are included.


    It seems like a lot to join a sorority! Where exactly is my money going?

    It varies from chapter to chapter-- here are the most common places your money goes:

    • Meals
    • Staff salaries (cooks, housekeeping etc.)
    • Chapter house maintenance (grounds-keeping, improvements and remondeling)
    • Social events and party favors
    • International and local dues
    • Educational programming