• UCLA's Residential Greek-letter organizations maintain their own private housing adjacent to campus. Over 1000 men and women are provided with housing opportunities in fraternity and sorority chapter facilities. Each person living in a Greek chapter house keeps an independent schedule, but everyone gathers for weekly meetings and chapter-wide events.

    Generally, fraternity and sorority housing is available the second year of membership. In both cases, membership often exceeds those that live-in the chapter houses with an average capacity for sororities at 50, fraternities at 40.

    Fraternities and sororities are managed and maintained by established housing corporations that own the properties and take care of major upkeep and repairs. There are a variety of amenities such as study areas, storage spaces, computer rooms and laundry facilities. Living in a fraternity or a sorority chapter house offers students with many benefits and includes a variety of services.

    • It is the expectation that all members live in the facility for 1 year. If a student is a transfer student to UCLA, it is the expectation that during their 4th year, they live in the chapter facility.

    Very often the perception is that fraternities and sororities are too expensive to join. However, contrary to this belief, Greek organizations can be quite affordable since housed organizations are able to maintain and provide members with below average costs for room, board, and dues. In comparison to other living options in Westwood, Greek-life can be a bargain.

    Chapter fees fund various activities of the organization such as academic programs, service activities, alumni and parent events, national dues and lifetime membership.

    What is included in fraternity / sorority living:

    • House director/advisor supervision (all sororities and some fraternities)
    • Full service meals provided by cooks or catering services
    • Study areas, computer rooms, and access to academic resources
    • Individual phone and computer lines/hook-ups
    • Comparable dorm-style room set-ups (will vary by fraternity or sorority)
    • Security and patrol systems (varies by chapter)
    • Coin-operated washers and dryers on-site
    • Parking (limited and will vary by fraternity or sorority)

    Cost of living comparison & break-down:

    • Residence Hall fees; room, board & Hall dues (9 month basis)
    • Rent/Utilities; room and board (9 month basis, most contracts require 1 year)


    Sororities: Average Annual Costs Total Fraternities: Average Annual Costs Total
    One-time fees: pledge, initiation, and building
    fund (first quarter)
    $922 One-time fees: pledge, initiaiton, and building fund $400
    Live-in fees: room, board, and dues
    (payment plans vary)
    $7,650 Live-in fees: room, board, and dues
    (payment plans vary)
    Live-out fees: dues and housing fee
    (payment plans vary)
    $2,162 Live-out fees: dues and housing fee
    (payment plans vary)

    UCLA Residence Halls
    (average annual costs)


    Off Campus Apartments
    (average annual costs)

    Residence Hall fees; room, board
    & Hall dues (9 month basis)
    $12, 792 Rent/Utilities; room and board
    (9 month basis, most contracts require 1 year)
    • Note: A United States Office of Education Report showed that less than 2% of the average college students' expenses went toward sorority/fraternity dues.


    For a complete breakdown of Fees, Tuition, and Estimated Student Budget, the Financial Aid Office provides an estimated student budget at their website.


    Summer Housing


    Alpha Epsilon Phi: 632 Hilgard

    Kelly Green Koffman


    Alpha Epsilon Phi is taking boarders throughout the whole summer, June 15th -September. We have parking , first come basis.

    If anyone is interested in an application or has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Alpha Delta Pi: 808 Hilgard


    We are all looking forward to sharing our home with you this summer

    To reserve your space, EMAIL: adpisummerhousing@gmail.com



    Don’t miss out on settling in on the big comfy sofas in our large TV room with flat screen TV. We now have a huge amount of reserved refrigeration space and our freezer space has increased also! Our beautiful new bathrooms are so very functional and a true delight to behold. And that’s only some of the casually elegant living space in this beautiful big home.


    Session A:
    June 24 – August 2
    SORRY, We are not open for Session C

    On your request, we will forward via email your Application, Fee Schedule and Roommate Preference. The sooner you return the documents, the sooner we can secure your reservation for the space you desire.

    Hilgard Haven: 646 Hilgard