Fixing Water Leaks on your AC

The aircon is on; you wake up in the middle of the night and find your bedding soaked with wet water.
You searched where the water came from. You searched outside your window, looking up; you see the
stars twinkling brightly up in the sky. You also see the moon with the crescent shape figure lightning the
dark night.

You are greatly surprised because there was no rain but leakage of water are all over your room; Only to
find out, the stream liquid came from your cooling system. ‘What a bummer!’ It’s time to check it out
and do the repairing to your AC.

There are many reasons why spillage happens in your AC. These are some of them and how you can
solve it on your own without calling the repairing man:

1. The pan overflow is damage. The pan is a tool of the unit that protect the liquids inside the AC.
Inspect the sides, inside and outside the unit for any cracks or tiny holes. To fix this, you can paste it with
glue. It is still best to change the overflow of the pan if it is already destroyed.

2. There is blockage in the filters. The leakage from these filters can be prevented by changing the filters
now and then. Filters are sometimes structured to replace it once or every two months. It is a “must” to
check the filters monthly during the cold climate. You have to check for dust particles in the filters and
vacuum it regularly or change it. Filters that are block causes formation of ice in the evaporator. When
the ice will liquidize, it will cause spillage from the system.

3. There is blockage in the condensate connector. Condensate connectors are the ones removing water
from the AC down to the ducts of the units. Once this is blocked, the pan overflow will be filled with
water causing leakage. There is a need to let the connector free from blockage. To clear this, you have to
suck out the blockage by using a vacuum. You can also use the Mighty Pump device by pulling in or out
the blockage area from the lines of the condensate.

4. The drainage holes of the AC are clogged. There are empty holes where water from the AC flows. If the holes are blocked, the water that should be drained is stocked in the AC, producing spillage in the
front edges of the AC. The empty holes for drainage should be clean and free from dirt that blocks the area.

5. One cause of leakage in the AC unit is the heavy rain outside. The evaporator does not vaporize well because of too much moisture. The solution for this is by using pan for drips.

6. The pump of the condenser is not operating well because of blockage or damaged. This reason will
affect the water to spill from the AC. To fix this, inspect the wires or any clogged from the condenser.

You can check the pump if it still working through a meter pump. If pump is really destroyed, it is better
to get a new AC system.

Some easy techniques are applicable in repairing a leak from your cooling unit. You just have to monitor
where the leak came from. Sometimes the spillage occurred from clogging dirt in your AC, reminding
you to clean it regularly.

Often times, there is aircon spillage because of dust particles, you don’t need experts to fix it. You have
to be initiative on how to remove the dirt. This will lessen your expenses that will make your budget for
the day.