• Some Common Questions:

    How do I know if the Panhellenic Council has received my online registration form?

    You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as you click submit when registering on-line. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call the Panhellenic Council at (310) 206-1521.  Remember to only submit once.

    What is a Legacy?

    A Legacy is a Potential New Member who has a mother, grandmother, or sister who was a member of a sorority while in college. Legacies may be given special consideration by the chapters that their female family member(s) are affiliated with, but they are never guaranteed membership in that particular sorority. At The University of California, Los Angeles, we reaffirm the statement that legacies are not given automatic invitations to become a member. We suggest that every woman in Membership Recruitment have an open mind toward all of our sororities.

    What are Recommendations? Do I need them to participate in Recruitment?

    A Recommendation is a letter of introduction from a former sorority member (alumna) written about a Potential New Member. This letter or form tells the sorority more about your personality, academics, and activities, while also attempting to introduce you to the active chapter members. You may wish to let your neighbors, relatives, and family friends know that you are planning on participating in Membership Recruitment. They will be able to get a form (or often a letter is sufficient) supplied by the sorority’s national office from the nearest University Panhellenic office or their national headquarters.

    • Although recommendations are of great benefit to the Potential New Member, they are not required. They do, however, allow the chapter to become acquainted with you before the Membership Recruitment Week begins.

    How long will it take to be initiated?

    Most chapters have moved to a period which takes from six to eight weeks.  The new member period affords opportunities to meet other members, learn sorority history and feel at home in the chapter.  Each chapter has its own program and dates.

    Does being in a sorority require participating in time consuming activities?

    The Greek community at UCLA realizes that academics are the primary focus of a college student. As a member of a Greek letter organization students participate in numerous events: social events, date functions, philanthropies, Greek Week, Dance Marathon, Blue and Gold Week, etc... Participation in these events is encouraged because it gives members the opportunity to meet men and women within the Greek community; however, the ultimate decision to participate is up to the individual.

    Am I going to have time for a sorority with school and work?

    Panhellenic women have consistently higher GPAs than non-Greek Students.  In fact, the council-wide GPA is a 3.303. Furthermore, by being a member of a sorority, you will have access to academic resources provided by your chapter, including hundreds of new friends to study with along the way.

    How does the Panhellenic Council promote education on social issues?

    The 14 sororities at UCLA have programming requirements that plan to benefit all university students. These requirements include: Service, Scholarship, GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol), and Women's Wellness.

    What does the Greek community have to offer?

    The Greek community at UCLA will help you personalize your college experience. While joining a sorority is based on sisterhood and friendship, sorority life is about personal and intellectual growth. UCLA's Greek community offers scholastic assistance, hands-on leadership experience, the chance to help others, and the lasting bonds of sisterhood.

    What is the UCLA Panhellenic Council's policy on hazing?

    Hazing is a violation of all UCLA. Greek Council's policies, the UCLA Student Code of Conduct, and statutes governing the State of California. Each sorority is governed by a national organization that prohibits hazing. Sororities at UCLA are committed to a membership education period in which new members develop bonds and learn about their chapter through educational programming and chapter events.