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    What is Recruitment?

    Recruitment is a week designed for undergraduate women to visit all 12 NPC member chapters. Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to speak with members about their sororities and become familiar with their values, ideals, and activities.  This week is broken into four rounds of events; Open House, Chapter Living, Philanthropy, and Preference.  


    Fall 2016 Recruitment Registration is now closed. If you are interested in informal recruitment opportunities, please email Kelly at recruitment.pan.ucla@gmail.com.



    The fee to register before September 1st is $60. 

    Between September 1st and September 16th, the fee is $70.

    On or after September 17th, the fee increases to $85.




    2016 Formal Recruitment Schedule:


    Wednesday, September 21st:   Open House Round

    Thursday, September 22nd:   Chapter Living Round
    Friday, September 23rd:   Philanthropy Round

    Saturday, September 24th:   Go Greek Football Round, no recruitment events

    Sunday, September 25th:  Preference Round and Bid Night!



    Fall Schedule of Pre-Recruitment Events:


    Bruin BashSaturday, September 17th:  The fee to register increases to $85.


    Monday, September 19th: UCLA Volunteer Day and Bruin Bash Concert


    Tuesday, September 20th: Enormous Activities Fair and MANDATORY Recruitment Orientation 


    Wednesday, September 21st: Beginning of Recruitment!


    Saturday, September 24th: Go Greek Football Game vs. Stanford




    NOTE: All recruitment events take place during Zero Week!


    Mandatory Orientation: Tuesday, 9/20

    7-9PM at LATC, with check-in beginning at 6:30PM at Gate D


    Here, you will receive all information for the week of recruitment.  Costs, academics, what the process is like, etc. will all be gone over.  You will also get to meet your recruitment counselor, known as a Rho Gamma, who will guide you through the week's activities.



  • Panhellenic Exec

    Open House Round: 

    Wednesday, 9/21:


    Tentative Start Time: 9:00am

    • Meet your Rho Gamma at 7:45 at the Inverted Fountain.

    Event Description:
    This round of events is focused on the importance and excitement of going Greek!  Each potential new member will visit all participating chapter houses for 25 minutes each. You will attend these events with your recruitment group and Rho Gamma as you walk as a group from house to house. 

    Make sure to eat a good meal before you attend each day.  The afternoons can be long and you will need to keep your energy up.  You are expected to bring snacks to eat in between events, and you will get a lunch break in the middle of the day.

    What To Talk About:
    Since this event is mostly intended to give you a glimpse of what recruitment will be like, ask questions that will be helpful to you throughout the week. Worry less about trying to impress sorority members and concentrate more on orienting yourself with the environment. Have fun and keep an open mind, meeting as many members from different sororities as possible.  Chapters will also be explaining the financial costs of joining.


    • After this round, you will choose your 9 favorite chapters and then rank the remaining 3 in preferential order.  
    • You will have up to 9 chapters to visit on Thursday.   You never "cut" a chapter. 


  • House Tours Round:


    Thursday, 9/22:  


    Tentative Start Time: 3:30

    • Meet your Rho Gamma on Hilgard Avenue at 2:45 to receive your schedule.
    • After this round, you will choose your 6 favorite chapters and then rank any remaining ones in preferential order.
    • You may have up to 6 chapters to visit on Saturday.  You never "cut" a chapter.


    Event Description:

    This round of events will focus on sorority living:  Chapters will be discussing living requirements and awesome living / learning communities for their chapters.


     If you join a sorority at UCLA, you will be expected to live in the house for a minimum of 1 year beginning your 2nd year.  


    Transfer Students will need to discuss options with individual chapters.

  • Philanthropy Round:



    Friday, 9/23:

    Tentative Start Time: 4:00

    • Meet your Rho Gamma at 3:15 at your designated meeting spot in Hilgard.  


    Event Description:

    This round of events is focused on philanthropy. There are five events that are 45 minutes each. Some chapters will give a presentation about their philanthropies which should showcase their personality and values and some chapters will show a slideshow of their chapter’s activities throughout the year.  Each chapter will allow plenty of time for one-on-one conversations.


    • After this round, you will choose your 2 favorite chapters and then rank any remaining ones in preferential order.
    • You may have up to 2 chapters to visit on Monday.



    Preference Round:


    Preference RoundSunday, 9/25: 

    Tentative Start Time: 9:00 AM


    • You will meet your Rho Gamma at 8:30 AM on Hilgard to get your schedule for the morning.


    Event Description:

    These events focus on the deepest aspects of sorority life, including sisterhood, friendship and ritual. This is your last chance to interact with chapter members.  Prepare to possibly participate in a ceremony that will let you see the importance of sorority membership.



    • Make sure to bring a bottle or two of water.  It gets hot in the houses. 
    • NOTE:  It is important that you wear something other than a black or white dress as the chapters will be wearing those colors.


    After your last Preference Party, you will walk in groups to Ackerman Grand Ballroom for Preference Card Signing and an informative slideshow on the rules.


    Bid Night!

    Sunday, 9/25:

    At a time and place TBA, all potential new members will gather to receive their sorority bid. You will then be invited back to the house of the sorority you have joined to participate in fun activities such as pictures, dinner, and crafts from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.  Activities differ from chapter to chapter.


    Kappa Delta Bid Night

    Chi Omega Bid Night






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